Bulk Gases
We currently have Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2, and Propane transports in which we are
able to set up our gas customers with stationary CO2, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, and
Propane bulk tanks and gas mixers for on-site filling.

Fill/Pump:        Oxygen        Nitrogen        Argon        CO2
Propane       Propylene      Methane    Helium
Medical Gases                    All Other Gases
Our personnel is also trained to comply with the FDA requirements of the medical
community for the handling of gases and inventory associated with the medical field.

Company Objectives
To provide our customers with products or services of the highest quality and maximum
value for each dollar they spend.

To think out our customer's needs so that as they plan, order, receive, install and operate
our equipment or utilize our services, there will be an absolute minimum of waste, lost
motion, misunderstanding or problems.

To operate at a profit so that funds for growth are available.  With no profit, there will be
no growth.  With small profit, there would be small growth.  With good profit, there will be
good growth.

To furnish through growth, ample opportunities for each person in the company to advance
and earn more income both for themselves and for the company.

To become a company whose people look upon their jobs as a privilege and opportunity,
rather than a necessity.

Company Philosophy
Time is more important than money.  Money is only a reward for well used time.  Money can
be earned, but time cannot.
National Welding Supply Company, Inc. presently has over fifty employees, all of whom
have been trained in accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT), OSHA,
EPA-FDA, Federal Highway Administration Guidelines and the safety requirements of
National Welding Supply Company Inc.  All inventory is delivered by individuals who have
passed their commercial drivers license requirements.
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